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Deck Truss Bridge

I need to span a seasonal stream near the summit cut/tunnel. My original plan was to use a low trestle, but then I discovered some vintage truss plans on the web (and some pics of another 1-1/2" bridge based on those plans), so instead I decided to build a deck truss bridge "the way they used to do it", using only wood and bolts. In the end it turned out very well, if I do say so myself.
Excessive? Yes.
Fun? Definitely!

Here's the area I need to span, with track running left-to-right.
Click here to view this location highlighted on the trackplan

Click the image below to add/remove the bridge!

A truss is a structure that feeds weight out from the center to the ends thru a series of diagonal braces.
There are many different types of trusses; mine (below) is based on the Howe design.
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Of course, I don't know if this will bear the required weight. Once I have a truss fully built, I'll devise
some way to load it with a ton or so and see if it collapses :)

Bridge Construction progess:
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2003OctoberStarted building the first truss (in my basement)
NovemberInstalling the first truss
2004FebruaryInstalling the second truss
AprilPainted the bridge
MayInstalled cross-bracing and ties
JuneBuilt North bulkhead... bridge is finished!
2006DecemberReceived some amusing spam about this page...
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